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Anime "SAKUGAN" Fan Art Campaign


Let's support the anime "SAKUGAN" through fan art!

In the "SAKUGAN" Fan Art Campaign, we are looking for "fan art" of all kinds, from "SAKUGAN" illustrations, plastic models, figures, dioramas, cosplay photos to origami and cooking photos!

Please use the hashtag "#SAKUGANART" and post your work on Twitter or Facebook.


▼ Submission period▼ 

Tuesday, November 16, 2021, 7:30 p.m. - Friday, December 31, 2021, 11:59 p.m.

▼ Prizes▼ 

- Prize for Excellence (3 winners)

Original "SAKUGAN" crystal commemorative plaque 

We will engrave your pen name on it.

-"SAKUGAN" Radio Award (1 winner for each Award)

Autographed SAKUGAN BD-BOX Part 1 and Part 2 roll set

Kanon Amane Award 

Hiroki Touchi Award 

Toshiyuki Toyonaga Award 

*BD-BOX will be played in "Region 1".

*Prizes will be shipped after the end of February 2022.


▼ Results announcement▼ 

"SAKUGAN" Radio Labyrinth" in late January 2022, and on the ""SAKUGAN" official website and SNS (tentative)


Drawings for Characters

For this fan art campaign, we are releasing a limited number of setting pictures of main characters! Please use them as a reference for your illustrations and costumes! We of course also welcome fan art of other characters such as Linda, Rufus, DJK (!?), and guest characters of each story!


Click on each character to view the details.

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Collaborate with DOUJIN WORLD to reach out to the world!

The anime "SAKUGAN" is currently being distributed simultaneously around the world through various platforms such as Crunchyroll and bilibili!

This campaign is also being held in collaboration with "Doujin World", a website that provides doujin information globally, and will be held simultaneously around the world.


This campaign is also being held in collaboration with " DOUJIN WORLD", a site that disseminates doujin information on a global scale, so there will be fan art from all over the world, not just Japan! 

You can submit any kind of work, masterpiece, or idea to ....... Let's be moderate, cross borders, and make the anime "SAKUGAN" fun and exciting for everyone!

We're looking forward to your submissions.


One day in the distant future. Humans live shoulder to shoulder in “colonies” separated by rock.

Outside the colonies, a dangerous undeveloped area called “the Labyrinth” is expanding. Those who risk their lives to develop “the Labyrinth”, who mark out the undeveloped areas, are known as “Markers”.

A young girl, Memempu, who wants to be a Marker one day, and a man, Gagumber, who used to be one.

This mismatched father and daughter now take on the Labyrinth!

“If there’s no path, dig one!”

Adventure Mecha Action presented by SATELIGHT to start airing in autumn 2021!


It was created with the hope that otaku all over the world would learn what a "doujin" is and connect with like-minded people around the world.


It was created with the hope that otaku around the world would learn what a "doujin" is and connect with like-minded people around the world.


Also, it is possible to work at what you love! We hope that by letting people know that "you can work at what you love", doujin activists around the world will have new possibilities.


 <Anytime, Anywhere, With Anyone


We believe that doujin activities have the potential to go beyond national borders.

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